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At Killzone Long Range Solutions we sell the most accurate long range hunting rifles on the market built with the best components available.  All rifles are built by none other than Jon Beanland of Beanland Custom Rifles.  Jon is known nationwide for his gunsmithing work and in our opinion, there isn’t a better gunsmith in the USA.  His machine work and attention to detail are second to none.  You won’t find a better looking rifle, period.  


We only use front focal scopes on my builds.  You will not find a second focal plane scope on any of our rifles and we won’t put one on yours.  A first focal plane scope allows you to use the reticle for holdovers and holdoffs on all powers.  You aren’t forced to be on high power to hold your windage or elevation accurately.  We primarily use Schmidt & Bender and Tangent Theta scopes because of their rugged build, repeatable clicks and they have some of the best glass in the world.  You can see things through these that you just can’t see when using other brands.  Currently, we feel these are the best options for our rifles but we are constantly looking for and working with manufacturers to produce the “perfect” scope for long range hunting.


We guarantee every rifle to shoot 3 shots into .5 MOA or less at 100 yds with my ammo.  Each rifle is properly broken in and we meticulously work up a load for each rifle.  There isn’t a standard load for all the rifles.  Each load is tailored to each individual gun.  All loads are chronographed to ensure low extreme spreads.  Then shot at distance to test accuracy and collect ballistic data and enter it into a Kestrel Elite 5700 weather meter with Applied Ballistics or other ballistics solver/optic combos like the Leica Geovids.  This ensures that your rifle will perform whether your shooting at sea level or on the highest mountain.  No need for multiple turrets for different conditions. If you know the range, the Kestrel or optic will tell you the correct drop in all situations. You will receive 100 rounds of ammo with your purchase and the rifle is sighted in and ready to go.  I will continue to load ammo for you as long as you own the rifle.  You buy the components from us and we’ll load them for $2 a round.   


What you are getting when you buy a Killzone rifle is not just a rifle.  It’s a system.  From the top notch components in the rifle and ammo, the master gunsmith that builds them, down to the best scope money can buy, Kestrel 5700 or optic with ballistics solver, bipod, sling and rear bag.  On top of this superior rifle system, you will also get our knowledge base.  While we don’t claim to know everything we do have years of experience shooting long range and will be available to you and will do all we can to help you.  We have no doubt that with our rifle system and our help, you’ll be shooting farther than you thought was possible in no time.