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I am B.J. Bailey of Kill Zone Long Range Solutions.  I was born in a small town in Oklahoma and have enjoyed shooting, hand loading and hunting since I was a child.  After graduating college, I was blessed with a chance to work in an industry that I love.  I have been in the sporting goods industry for 12 years as a salesman and a buyer and have been shooting long range for 11 years.  It all started trying to push my limits and kill prairie dogs at increasingly farther distances as well as extend my ability to cleanly take big game.

As I continued to increase my limits, small long range matches began to pop up around Oklahoma and Texas.  I regularly attended these matches and was consistently placing in the top 10 to 15.  Since those humble beginnings, the competition world has morphed into the monster that is now the Precision Rifle Series.  I have competed in the PRS every year since its inception in 2011 and was fortunate enough to finish in the top 30 in the nation and qualify for the Finale in 3 of the first 4 years of the PRS and sit on the PRS Board of Directors.  During these years I have had the pleasure of shooting with, befriending and learning from some of the best long range shooters in the United States.  All of the knowledge gained from these experiences goes into every rifle and every round I load.

B.J. Bailey

Justin Shireman

Justin Shireman’s love for the outdoors began at a young age as he grew up in western Oklahoma.  It wasn’t long before he realized that the ability to shoot further would put more game on the ground.  He began to explore and tinker with bolt action rifles, reloading, ballistics, and proper bullet selection.  

As the sport of long range shooting came about, it naturally appealed to him.  What a better way to hone one’s shooting skills during the offseason.  He attended his first local competition in 2011 and joined the PRS circuit in 2013.  Justin has numerous top 10 finishes at not only smaller competitions but also from major PRS matches all over the country.  He is one of the very few shooters who has qualified for the PRS finale as top 50 in the country, for each of the 5 years from 2013 through 2017.  He has also been able secure year end top 5 finishes in the well-respected Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooters club for the last 4 years.  Justin is also in his 3rd year representing O.P.P.S as their club secretary.  

While his shooting record speaks for itself, Justin’s true passion is hunting any and all game.  He is fortunate enough to have traveled all over the country chasing animals of every size.  He consistently holds hunting licenses in 4-6 states in any given year.  He is a valuable resource to our team bringing insight from both the shooting and hunting fields.  

Matt Clem

Matt Clem was born and raised in Camargo, OK.  Being raised on a ranch in a small town in western OK, Matt grew to love hunting and the outdoors.  He took his first deer at the age of 8.  The wide open terrain made it a necessity to be able to shoot farther.  During his teenage years, it wasn’t a big deal to take an animal at 400 yds. 

As he grew older, he began to understand and research long range shooting and began to shoot in some long range competitions.  Matt made the PRS Finale in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  He was able to take home a first place finish at Butch’s Belly Match in 2016 against some stiff competition.  He has also been near the top of the Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooters season series for the past 3 years and currently serves as the clubs VP.


Matt’s success in the long range shooting sports goes beyond shooting matches.  Matt took over the Heatstroke Open in 2014 and, with the help of B.J. Bailey and countless other volunteer range officers, has grown it into one of the biggest and best matches on the Precision Rifle Series Circuit.  It was voted as one of the top two matches of the 2016 season on Cal Zant’s Precision Rifle Blog.  Matt continued his success as a match director by hosting the 2017 PRS Finale in December of 2017.  With the help of many volunteers, the match was a huge success.  


Matt brings over 30 years of handloading experience and has spent over 25 years tinkering with custom rifles and wildcat calibers. Hunting and shooting have been lifelong passions for him.  His knowledge base and steady approach help to make our rifle packages the best there are.